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FasTrak 11800-3

"No Hands" Helicopter Blade Tracking

The FasTrak™ day and night optical Blade Tracker as part of an 8500C or Enhanced Vibrex 2000 Plus system, provides blade track and lead/lag data automatically, without operator interpretation. The FasTrak™ is mounted on the fuselage, oriented upward toward the underside of the rotating blades. It views each blade from each rotor through a ten degree window and operates on the principle that a high-flying blade will remain in the field of view longer than a low flying blade. Installation and operation with Chadwick systems are straightforward, using aircraft specific brackets and software.

Typical Optical Tracker Installation

Turbine Traders offers sales, calibration and repair for Chadwick-Helmuth 11800-3 and 10420-1 FasTrak.