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8500C Militarized VASE

  • Fully Mil-Std-810 qualified for harsh military environments
  • EMI hardened and certified to 200 volts/meter
  • Marinized for full time ship-board operation
  • Militarized rotor track and balance
  • New standard equipment for the USMC AH-IW attack helicopter fleet
  • Digitized one-shop solutions for rotor track and balance of main and tail rotors systems
  • Monitor up to 6 vibration transducers and 3 phase input devices
  • FasTrak™ optical tracker for integrated track solution and real time monitoring
  • Strobex blade tracker compatible
  • Internal printer for hard copy printout of solutions and spectrums at the aircraft
  • Compatible with Chadwick-Helmuth VibraLog™ predictive maintenance system

Turbine Traders offers calibration and repair for Chadwick-Helmuth 8500-6, 8500C, 8500C+ and 8500C VASE balancer / analyzers.