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9600 Accutach

Measures & displays tachometer output frequency in Hz, RPM or %RPM

The Accutach is a versatile hand-held, battery operated instrument that can be used in a wide variety of aircraft measurement and calibration applications.

The following examples show its versatility:

  • Measure the rotation of a turbine rated at 12,000 RPM at 100% that drives a 70Hz tach generator at 100%.
  • Measure the speed of a rotor system rated at 450 RPM at 100% using a magnetic pickup with three single interrupters and one double interrupter.
  • Measure propeller RPM using the 1-per-rev pulse from a synchrophasor.

The Model 9600 features a microprocessor that measures input signal period, computes the frequency, controls the display, monitors the keyboard, and stores settings. The keyboard consists of a power ON key, RESET key, display LIGHT key, display CONTRAST control, and four MODE keys for data entry and access to the software menu.

A CHANNEL knob is provided to select up to four input signals from connector J1 or a single input signal from connector J2.



1 Line by 16 Character Liquid Crystal Display, Backlighted

Input Frequency Range

100 to 100,000 PRM, (1.6 to 1600 Hz)


0.1% +/- 1 Count

Display Update Period

0.6 second, nomial


Exponential Weighing

Input Signal Type

Tach Generator, Magnetic Pickup, TTL

Maximum Input Signal

150 V peak AC

Minimum Input Signal

0.5 V peak

Input Selection

Four inputs from (J1), and one input from (J2)


Four AA size alkaline cells

Battery Life

75 hours, nominal (Operating), 1 Year, nominal (Off)

Auto Shut-Off

Powers down after two minutes with no input signal, to save batteries

Low Battery Indicator

A warning message is displayed if battery voltage drops below 4 Volts, nominal

Operating Temperature

0 to 50 Degrees C

Chassis Dimensions

7.7" x 3.9" x 1.6" (excluding connectors, knob)
(19.6cm x 9.9cm x 4cm)


1.5 lbs (.68 kg) nominal (including batteries)


Ground support equipment yellow textured paint


Meets MIL-STD-461B


Serviceable equipment is sold with our 90 day warranty and certificate of calibration traceable to NIST.

Please note that the terms and conditions of these warranties are subject to change without notice.


Current Stock

We have a serviceable 9600 Accutach in stock, available as a standalone unit or as a kit configured for C-130.

Turbine Traders offers calibration and repair for Chadwick-Helmuth 9600 Accutach.