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VMSII Dash-8

(FAA Approved)

Vibration Management System II

Slim, lightweight monitor is mounted out of sight in wardrobe for easy access to propeller balance data. The VMS II:

  • Permanent on-board system
  • Installs easily
  • Quickly connects to a desktop or laptop PC for simple operation.
  • Automatically collects propeller vibration data during revenue flights.
  • Fine-tunes propeller balance for lower aircraft vibration.
  • Provides maintenance with dependable adjustments from unambiguous balance solutions.
  • Uses vibration data for trend analysis and early detection of wear or damage.
  • Reduces operating costs

Basic kit for Dash-8 propeller balance

Signal interfaces & devices for data download:


portable computer

serial, RS-232, Windows 95



serial, RS-232


memory card

PCMCIA Type II, static RAM (SRAM)


Vibration signal inputs:

2 velocimeters for each aircraft

Azimuth signal inputs:

2 magnetic pickups (tachs)


2 parallel processing channels

Processor Unit:


1.2 inches

3 cm



5.3 inches

13.5 cm



8.0 inches

20.3 cm



1.5 pounds

0.7 kilos

Turbine Traders offers sales, calibration and repair for Chadwick-Helmuth VMSII Dash-8.