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PT6, PT6T, TwinPac,
Rolls Royce 250, Chadwick-Helmuth, Vibrex


We are distributors of PT6 engines, parts and components and TwinPac specialists.
We offer sales, repairs and calibration for Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment.

 From Seattle, Washington to work sites around the world, Turbine Traders Ltd. is a respected, quality supplier of  PT6 engines, parts and components and Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment and services.

 Please browse our product line and submit a request for a quote. You're also welcome to contact us anytime to speak with a representative. Para nuestros clientes hispanos será un placer atenderles en Español.

Turbine Traders Ltd. stocks over 8000 line items dedicated to the support of PT6T, PT6T-3D, PT6T-3DF, PT6B and PT6A turbine engines. Stock includes new, overhauled, serviceable and as-removed parts to fit your needs and budget. See PT6 Parts or find our complete listing at ILS. Our Chadwick-Helmuth Products coverage is complete and includes both current and out-of-production models. We stock and supply New equipment as well as Serviceable, Calibrated units sold with a warranty. We invite trade-ins and offer upgrades to existing kits.


Turbine Traders Services Include:

Repair and Calibration services for all models of Chadwick-Helmuth track and balance equipment, including 177M-6A, 8350, 192A, 8500 series, Vibrex 2000 series, VXP, 135M- Strobex, FastTrak, Calibrators and Hi-Low Filters.

192A Rental for Engine Vibration Surveys ( per MORE Company procedures).